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Lightweight rollator for the best price

The Lucas rollator is a reliable rollator which can be used for years. The frame is made of carbon which makes the rollator very light and maneuverable. The Lucas rollator only weighs 5.9 kg and is also foldable. No annual service required or other unexpected charges, just a good rollator for a competitive price.

100 days of test driving

From the moment the rollator is delivered to your doorstep you have 100 days to decide if the rollator meets your expectations. Test the rollator at home and on the street. If the Lucas rollator does not meet your expectations you can return it and get your money back.

Free delivery and returns

The Lucas rollator will be delivered ready made to your doorstep. We do not charge any transportation fees. If you are not satisfied with the product you can return it and we will refund the purchase price. Read more about our return policy.

Foldable and easy to carry

The Lucas rollator is perfect for people who like to travel. The rollator can easily be folded. Therefore, it fits in almost any car. Moreover, the rollator is very well suited to take on the plane.

Lightweight (only 5.9 kg)

Because the Lucas rollator is made of carbon, it weighs only 5.9 kg. Despite the rollator’s lightweight, the product feels firm and steady and enables you to easily pass a threshold or curb.

Sustainable tires & comfortable seat support

The tires of the Lucas rollator are made from rubber, making them perfect for on the road, even during less favourable weather conditions. With most rollators, tires will need replacement after about a year. 

Timeless design

Without any unnecessary embellishments, a rollator still has to look good. The Lucas rollator has a solid and timeless design.

What our customers say..

Comfortable lightweight and foldable rollator

Lucas rollator reviews

Until now I have not had a better rollator than this one. For 10 years I have had several rollators and I have worn out more than five brands and types. I can say that this rollator is a good fit. Very light and stable. Can also be put in the back of my car. Thanks a lot!

Hugo Voorthuizen

Lucas Rollator reviews

100 days of testdriving
With the Lucas rollator you get 100 days of test driving. This way you know for sure if the rollator is perfect for you. You don't get used to a rollator overnight. It needs time and we give you that time.

Delivered ready to go
The rollator comes ready-to-go. Get the rollator out of the box, adjust the length and you're ready to go. The rollator is already fully assembled for you. No hassle.

Free delivery and returns
We deliver the rollator for free at your doorstep. Not satisfied with the Lucas rollator? Then you can return it free of charge within 100 days. Of course, you will receive a full refund of the purchase price. 

Extensively tested and certified
The Lucas rollator has a CE mark. No unnecessary embellishments, but just a good, foldable rollator with reliable brakes, durable wheels and lightweight.

"Try the Lucas rollator for up to 100 days. If you're not happy, we'll pick up the rollator for free." - Lucas Mobility


Frequently asked questions about the Lucas Rollator

What accessories are included with the purchase of a rollator?
When you buy a Lucas rollator, you will receive a luxury shopping bag. This accessory is included in the price.

Is the rollator suitable for indoor and outdoor use?
The Lucas rollator is suited to walk through the house (indoor) and on the street (outdoor). Bumps and curbs are no problem.

Howdo you clean the Lucas rollator?
The frame can easily be cleaned with a cloth. This doesn't have to be done every day, but it will keep it in the best condition.

What should you pay attention to when you buy a rollator?
This is by far the most frequently asked question. What should I pay attention to when I want to buy a rollator for myself or someone else. Of course the definition of the ideal rollator is a bit different for everyone. However there are some parts of a rollator where most people agree on what it should fulfil. We list them below:
✓ A good rollator has durable tires and brakes that respond instantly.  
✓ A good rollator is foldable and easy to transport.
✓ A good rollator has a comfortable seat support.

General questions on rollators

Ordering a rollator walker online

If you want to order a walker online, it is wise to check in advance which walker suits you best. The good news is that we have already done most of this research for you. After having tested more than ten different types of rollator ourselves, we now know what a good rollator feels like. We have used these insights to build the Lucas rollator and ensure you of a carefree experience with a high-quality rollator.

How expensive is a walker?

Of course there are rollators in different price ranges. One walker is not the other, but most often cheap walkers are of poor quality. However, it is not true that an extremely expensive rollator of 400+ Euros is much better than a rollator of about 200-300 Euros. Often the big difference in price is also explained by the cost that a particular company has to pay to manufacture rollators. For example, think of the staff in a shop that has to be paid. However, our overhead costs are low and we can therefore offer lower prices. We do not have physical stores in expensive city areas. We only have a warehouse and an online webshop to ensure the best price possible for this high quality carbonfibre walker.

How do you use a walking aid?

A walker is often easy to use. Most walkers are delivered ready for use and can be used immediately. Just open the box, unfold the rollator and you can use it to walk. Some rollators still have to be assembled. It is advisable to set the rollator to the desired height (if possible) beforehand. Furthermore, it is important to check the brakes from time to time.

What are foldable or collapsible rollators?

A foldable rollator is a rollator that is easy to fold. The advantage of such a rollator is that it can be taken easily in a car. Moreover, some this might also be very practical when you want to take a rollator on the plane. The Lucas rollator is foldable. This can be an important added value for someone who considers buying a rollator from our shop.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Rollators

What is the difference between an indoor walker and an outdoor walker? This is another question we are often asked. An indoor rollator is only suitable for indoor usage – inside your own house or other buildings. On the other hand, some walking aids are also suitable for outdoor use such as at the streets. Lucas walkers are suitable for both indoor and outdoor.

How heavy is a rollator?

The weight of a rollator depends on the material it is made of. It is often the case that a carbon rollator weighs little. Moreover, carbon is a very durable and a high-end material that you can rely on for a long time. A carbon rollator often weighs between 5-8 kg. On the other hand, there are also rollators that are a lot heavier. That can even go up to 14 kg. This often has the disadvantage that these rollators are a lot less mobile. When you try to lift them to get on a sidewalk, it can be difficult. We therefore advise people to take the weight of a rollator into consideration before buying one. Our rollators are of light weight.

How much weight/load can my rollator handle?

A rollator often has a seat support when someone wants to sit on his rollator. This can be practical during a long walk. In these cases it is important that the user is not too heavy for the rollator. There have been unfortunate accidents where people fell through their rollator. For this reason it is good to know how many kilograms is allowed for your rollator. The Lucas Rollator is CE certified and can handle up to 300lbs (136 kilograms). On the other hand, there are also rollators – often made of bad materials – that can get problems at 80 kg load. Some particular brands have developed rollators that are specially made for people with more than 120 kg. These rollators are called XXL-rollators and are often suitable up to 200 kg.

What is the ideal height for my rollator?

We often get questions about what height is most suitable for a rollator. It is important that the rollator has a height that fits the length of the user. The user should feel as comfortable as possible. Therefore the rollator should be high enough that the user can walk upright. If you don’t do this, you can get back problems after a while. In addition, a forced arm movement can also cause problems. Fortunately, it is quite easy to check if your rollator is at the right height. The handles of the rollator should be at the same height as when you hold your hands along your side.

Lucas rollator payment methods
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